Can I include the "Special Instruction" field in a letter?

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Can I include the "Special Instruction" field in a letter?

Post by bblake » Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:52 pm

One of our users invested in a numeric keypad lock for his cottages (I think one such brand is Masterlock).
He wanted to give each visitor their own number. The local representative needed to know this number in order to set up the lock.

The number could be placed in the Special Instructions field which is automatically sent to the local representative but had to be typed into the letters. He asked if there was a way the "Special Instructions" field could be included in automated letters to visitors.

The answer was that there was not - but it was an easy modification which is now available. If you download the latest version (3.1) then there is an undocumented Special String which is <!Special> This will be replaced by the contents of the special instructions field from the Bookings Window. This feature will be documented in the next release, V3.2, planned to be shipped as a beta by the end of July 2008. But you can use it NOW!

Note - special strings are case sensitive - you must match case exactly.


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