My data for one property has vanished!

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My data for one property has vanished!

Post by bblake » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:52 pm

On a couple of occasions, all the data has seemingly vanished for one property. The property can be seen in the Status Window, but without any bookings or rates.

On both occasions, be assured, the data was quickly recovered! The reason was that the property folder had accidentally been dragged into a different location on the hard disk. Using Windows Explorer (or you can use the search facility) try to find the missing folder. If your property was called "Cheshire Cat" then all the data goes into a folder with this name kept within the main LetSys root folder (normally C:\LetSys) so the data is in folder C:\LetSys\Cheshire Cat\

If this folder is missing, then you can use the Windows search facility to look for "Cheshire Cat" and there is a good chance it will turn up in the wrong place! Just drag it back and all will be well again.

In Windows 7 it seems quite easy to accidentally drag and drop a folder when navigating through the folder tree (for example, to attach a file to an email). We plan that the next release will give an error message when starting up if a folder has gone missing!

As always, make sure you take regular backups with the Backup tool.

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