How can I handle a change of owner?

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How can I handle a change of owner?

Post by bblake » Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:17 am

Another question we often get from letting agencies is how to handle a change of owner. The new owner wants you to go on managing the property, but obviously the accounts have to be kept completely separate.

The first step is to run off all the accounts for the old owner, up to the point the ownership changed.

You can print lists of bookings, and monthly accounts. Print everything you think you might need.

Also, at this point, take a complete backup with the LetSys Backup tool, and keep this file until you are absolutely sure there will be no more queries about the accounts for the first owner.

Now you should remove all the bookings for the first owner, using the Archive tool. Do not try deleting bookings one by one - there's a much quicker way.

Let’s suppose the property is “PropertyX” and the owner changed on 1st April 2013.

Once you have finished running off all the accounts, and done any admin for the old bookings (prior to April 1st) you can do the following:

From the status window, select Tools and then Archive / Cleanup. Set the Archive date to 01/04/2011, and select only the single property “PropertyX”.

Click Archive, and all bookings that ended prior to 1st April will be removed from the bookings file and placed into the archive file X:\LetSys\PropertyX\Archive\Archive.hls.

You will note that this file has the LetSys Icon, and if you double click it you can view and page through all the bookings in the file.

Put this file somewhere safe (outside the LetSys folder) for reference if you ever need the previous data. You can always just double click it to see the bookings.

Now change the owner name, address and other details in the Owner Database.

That's it! The only bookings still on the database are post April 1st, and all reports you run from now on will be for just the new owner’s bookings.

Provided you have the backup mentioned above all the old data is on this anyway, if something goes wrong.

I hope that helps. Feedback will be welcome on how this goes.

Brendan Blake.

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