Announcing V4.0 of the Holiday Letting System

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Announcing V4.0 of the Holiday Letting System

Post by bblake » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:23 am

We have just released a new version of the Holiday Letting System. Full details are in a newsletter that you can view here:

This major new version offers many improvements and in particular "Multi-User" support. This was requested by a number of our customers, especially those managing large numbers of properties.

This significant enhancement allows several users to be working with the booking system concurrently when the data is shared on a LAN (local area network). You can also share data with additional users on "Cloud Storage" (for example, DropBox) although this option is less flexible. More details are in the newletter, or can be found (once installed) in Help Topic Running LetSys with Multiple Users.

For the majority of our users, who will still be running with a single user, there are a number of useful features, including better support for Windows 8 and new features to help synchronise data with a laptop for travel or for backup.

More details are given in the Help Documentation once you have installed the software. See the topic What's new?

You can also see the release history at

A number of minor problems were fixed. As always, LetSys 4.0, as the current version, is now the only officially supported release.

Brendan Blake.

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