LetSys - and upgrading to Windows 10

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LetSys - and upgrading to Windows 10

Post by bblake » Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:24 am

LetSys was tested on Windows 10 some time back and will run fine on Windows 10.

However, one thing to be aware of is that if you upgrade to Windows 10 from an earlier version, you may need to reinstall LetSys.

One user reported that they upgraded their Windows 8 system to Windows 10, and could no longer run LetSys. It turns out that the LetSys program files are not copied across to a new Windows 10 system if you take advantage of the free upgrade.

The solution is relatively easy. Download and reinstall LetSys from http://erwwen.com/holletsys/download.htm.

If you have changed the location of the data folder you will need to open the configuration program and point LetSys at your existing data folder which is not affected, and which contains your settings. The registration data is not affected, so you don't need to re-register.

If you use the additional File Transfer Program, eFTP, then this also needs to be reinstalled.

I've just tested this by upgrading my Windows 8.1 test system to Windows 10, and after hunting around for a while I discovered that the various programs were not moved into the Windows 10 program files directory (in a 64 bit system, that's program files (x86) ) but instead can be found in the Windows.old directory.

So if you haven't yet installed Windows 10, but want to do so, please be aware of this. Also, please do take a LetSys backup with the backup tool prior to migrating. You shouldn't need to use this, but regular backups are, as always, essential.

If anyone has any further feedback on this migration please get in touch as described on this web site.

Brendan Blake.

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