How do I handle New Year and Christmas dates?

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How do I handle New Year and Christmas dates?

Post by bblake » Sun Apr 20, 2008 4:10 pm

Q: This year (2004) both Christmas Day and New Year Day fall on a Saturday. Hence I want to let the cottage from Wednesday to Wednesday. How can I handle this?
A: You can handle this quite easily. The Holiday Letting System can handle lets from any day to any day - so just set up a let from (say) 22nd to 29th December. It will probably help to do the following, which is the way we (and other users) handle it. First - when editing the rates file use the closest week in the rates file for the Christmas week – ie this year you could use 18th-25th December. Put the cost in this week to the cost for the Christmas week and add a comment such as “Christmas (Wed to Wed)”. For the New Year week set the rent in the week starting 25th December and write a comment “New Year (Wed to Wed)”. So now there is a reminder of what you plan to do showing in the Status display. This comment also shows on the Web "Rates and availability" table if you use this facility so potential tenants can see what you plan to do. When you take the booking, click on the week of 18th December. The rate is now entered– but not the dates. Click on the drop down boxes for the start and end dates and alter the dates to the correct ones. The status display then displays the booking correctly, and all the other reports and functions work fine - we’ve used this method for several years without problems. As this only happens at Christmas and New Year (and then only for some years) we don't think that there is a need to put in some code to do anything more sophisticated.

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