More on email problems on Windows 10.

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More on email problems on Windows 10.

Post by bblake » Sat May 12, 2018 10:00 am

We continue to hear of email problems on Windows 10 which occur after applying fixes, or going through the twice a year upgrade which is forced upon home users. These problems are not caused by LetSys but by Microsoft's failure to adequately test their new releases.

There is long discussion of this in a post here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47

However, in the last couple of months we've had several reports of a new problem, the solution to which is covered in the final post of the above thread. As this is not easy to find we are reporting this particular solution in a new topic.

When trying to send letters using LetSys, the email fails with message "Error Code=26 unable to send emails". Users find the simple Write Email button on the booking form works fine.
This was not solved with the fix discussed in the first post (namely executing the script CheckMAPI.vbs )

However, the first user to encounter this problem reported that the problem was solved as follows:

"After searching on Google “MAPI broken windows 10” I found that MAPI can get broken after the install of a Windows update. The vbs script that worked previously no longer fixes the problem. After reading several problems reported about MAPI related problems and outlook I saw that the recommended solution was to use the Repair option in MS office install utilities. This took over an hour to complete and after a final reboot I was able to send emails again from Letsys."

We now know of others affected, so we are posting this as a new topic.

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